What is a Toll-Free Number?

A Toll-Free number can be described as a number that starts with a prefix 1800 and enables businesses to get connected with their customers to establish better consumer business relations. Toll-free is free for the customers; only companies need to pay for incoming and outgoing. 

How Does It work?

If a customer wants to submit feedback or resolve an issue, the customer dials a company-registered toll-free number. Then this user is routed to cloud calling, and the business and the customers connect.

And now, the user can get their queries solved by the industry. 

How a business or enterprise can get a Toll free number:

Businesses that want to buy a toll-free number and wish to provide their customers with a customer care service can use this facility and build a dedicated audience. Apart from the telecom company, one can apply for a Toll-Free number via a third party. Those with world-comprehensive connection companies such as fonada can be helpful for such queries. 

Advantages Of A Toll-Free Number:

Improves Brand Image 

A customer can quickly get in touch with your Toll-free service. And your brand gets recognized as you give them the best post sales service for your products.  

Enhances Customer engagements

When you use the 1800 toll-free number, you can enhance your customers' experience by using different cloud telephony solutions; for instance, IVR can engage your target audience for a longer time. 

Build Customer Trust 

As a business, your duty should be to give 100% assurance to your customers after the sale of that product, and a customer should have a facility where they can raise their particular queries. When you provide this valuable assistance to your customers, it directly generates trust in your customers. 

Improves Sales

Since business that provides post-sales services in the market are trusted more, as compared to their competitors. The advertisements that give a Toll-free number for companies are proven to have a more substantial customer base in the market.


What are the toll-free numbers in India?

A TOLL-FREE number is a number that starts with digits consisting of 1800, and a user can call this number throughout the country. 1800 Toll-Free is cost-free for the customer.

How to get a toll-free number in India?

One can get a Toll-Free number service from the toll-free service provider that is Fonada. These companies provide a cloud telephony facility through which you can connect to your customers effectively. 

How can businesses in India benefit from toll-free numbers?

Providing Toll-Free assistance to your audiences will automatically create trust in your valuable consumers, directly leading to increased sales. 

How much does it cost to get a toll-free number in India?  

For a customer, it costs zero, but the prices vary for the business from service to service. One can call toll-free wherever in the country that too free of cost.